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Specialty Lists

There are hundreds of thousands of lists to select from and finding the correct one isn’t always easy!
Elite Data & List Services has on-line access and software to perform national searches for you. Below is a small sample of just some of the specialty files we have found for our clients’ needs:

Schools, Teachers, Professors, Librarians and Educational Administrators

Agencies, Offices, Officials, Staff such as
Congressional Staff Members and Chambers of Commerce

High School or College Students by Grade Level and or Major

Law Firms, Lawyers and Administrators by size and specialty

Medical Lists:
Doctors, Dentists, Nurses, Administrators, Therapists, Chiropractors

Accountants, Engineers, Finance, Architects, Insurance and Real Estate,
Financial Planners, Actuaries

Millionaires, Investors, Boat / Yacht owners. Pilots
Gamblers and High Rollers

Denomination, Youth Groups within a Church

Crop Type, Acreage

Magazine and Trade Papers:
Executive Title, Frequency of Publication, Type of Magazine

E-Mail Files:
Home Address, Business Address + multi demographic selects!

Contributor Files / Donor Files / Mail Responsive Households!

The possibilities are endless and based on your specific needs!!


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