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National Residential Database


The most comprehensive and accurate residential list covering the 50 United States.
All of our addresses are CDS qualified and verified by the United States Postal Service. Postal regulations change constantly and we work with postal experts who are continuously trained in the changing postal guidelines. We are here to make sure you get your lowest postal rates and highest deliverability!

The Residential list file is perfect for:

Saturation or Mass Mailing
100% Coverage of Carrier Route
Local or National Selectivity
Lowest Postage Costs

Our National Resident Database provides full saturation coverage in Carrier Route Walk Sequence order. Our addresses are qualified and supplied by the United States Postal Services and regularly updated.

Some of the most common selects:

  • PO Boxes
  • Carrier Routes
  • Rural Routes
  • Businesses
  • Single Family Dwelling
  • Multi Family Dwelling

Demographic selections are available at a carrier route level:

  • Median Age
  • Median Income
  • Median Home Value
  • Median Education
  • Median Ethnic
  • % Owner Occupied
  • % Presence of Children

Personalize your mailing!!!

Address your target audience with a personalized name line:
  • Resident
  • To the Pizza Lover At
  • To Our Friends At
  • Or create your own


Our residential mapping software can plot radii, street boundaries or create a non overlapping address universe for multiple site selections. This allows you to select addresses based on distance from your location. We can combine this with postal carrier route information to keep your saturation discounts by not dividing a carrier route.


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