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Once you have decided what type of household to target, let Elite Data & List Services help you accurately define your trade area.

The following mapping services are available:

Radius Mapping:

  • A radius will start at a specific point and create a circle however far out requested. We will then pull in all the carrier routes within the parameter.
  • Radii can be selected from .1 miles up to 200 miles. You can target prospects closest to your location without splitting a carrier route. This will help you maintain the best postal discount.
  • Radiate from a specific address, Zip+4, center of a carrier route or zip code.
  • Radius can be used for count purposes only or you can request a map with your counts.
  • Multiple site selections can be processed so there is no duplication between radius site pulls. This gives you full coverage without duplication of addresses.

Boundary Mapping

  • Boundary mapping is based on major streets, rivers, significant landmarks,ect.. Boundary mapping can also be used for count purposes only or you can request the actual map with your counts.

Complex Mapping

  • Color coded mapping with grids which could include radius distance graduations, demographics (e.g. age, income), Zip /route boundary lines, streets, waterways ect.


  • Penetration mapping uses customer specific data to she the % penetration of households the customer has penetrated within a specific area. This will also plot radius mileage and actual zip / carrier route boundaries.

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