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List Hygiene

Change of Address (NCOA) Processing:

Over 40 million Americans change their address annually which can create unforeseen cost for mailers! NCOA processing makes change of address information available to help reduce undeliverable mail pieces before mail enters the mail stream. This is essential in maintaining high quality mailing lists.

If you have a customer database that you are mailing to, processing the file thru NCOA will provide you with the most recoent address information available and provides the following benefits to mailers:

  • Reduces undeliverable mail by providing the most current address information.
  • Prevents duplicate mail pieces or re-mailings after address corrections are received. Reduces mailer cost!


Locatable Address Conversion System is best known as the 911 conversion process.
This process converts rural route addresses to city style address format. This process is available with NCOA.


The Delivery Sequence File Generation 2 system assists mailers in obtaining accurate delivery address information and facilitates identification of erroneous addresses contained in mailers address files. DSF2 also provides additional information such as type of delivery and LACS information. As mailers use DSF2, it will help to reduce the amount of “undeliverable as addressed” pieces. In turn this will result in more efficient mail processing and delivery operations.

Merge / Purge

Combine or eliminate records that are duplicated and produce a single unduplicated mail file or database.

List Enhancement

Provides you with demographic information about your customers. The data we provide allows you to identify, segment and select names for improved marketing.

Data Suppression

Identifies names in our Consumer and Business database that aren’t already on your customer file. The object is to eliminate your records from our file and produce and unduplicated file of names for future prospecting.


Appends telephone records to your database

Reverse Tele-Append

Appends names and addresses to your list of telephone numbers.

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