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Analytic Modeling

Elite Data & List Services and help you project the impact on corporate revenues and profit of changes in customer and workforce satisfaction, loyalty, and commitment

Measure the ROI of customer feedback programs and help prioritize and set strategic directions of your enterprise.

Customer Value Analysis & Management:

Incorporates market-perceived quality and value relative to competitors into feedback processes and resulting analysis and recommendations

Segmentation Modeling

Segments customers by profitability, loyalty, demographics, or combinations of these.

ROI Modeling:

Measures ROIs to identify your best markets for which initiatives will likely generate the highest returns for your organization
ROI Modeling segments your businesses' revenue by new customers won, existing customers retained, and existing customers lost.
We work with you to ask the right questions, and define your analysis properly. The framework and structure of a model is everything. Need to figure out your addressable market? What subset of customers will buy your product?

DATA Append:

Appending data to your customer base can help you learn who your customers are – a very helpful and $$ wise marketing tool.
Knowing the profile of your best customers provides you the ability to choose like households and earn new customers!
For example, data append could help you understand the household income, age, occupation, education levels, presence of children and lifestyle characteristics of your customers. Appending demographics gives you the clearest picture of who your customers really are and allows you to market to them the proper way.

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